Hold onto your hat partner! You’re not going to believe this special for 2017. When you purchase your all day passes to the Fort Jefferson Fun Park when making a reservation to stay overnight at either the Fort Jefferson Campground or the Fort Jefferson Cabins you will receive $5.00 off each all day pass for the Fun Park. And, it gets even better. The all day pass purchased for each individual will be honored for that person each day you are at the campground for a total of 7 days or until you depart the Fort, whichever comes first. In other words, if you stay 3 days it will be honored 3 days. If you stay 7 days it will be honored 7 days and it has to only be purchased once for each person. All day passes are non-transferable. NOW THAT’S A DEAL!

More Deals! More Fun! More to Do!!!

May 19 Campground opens

May 27 Campfire s’mores

June 18 Father’s Day Breakfast.  Free Pancake breakfast for registered campers when accompanied by a DAD from their site.

June 28 Fort Jefferson Fun Park opens for the summer

July 1, 2, 3, and 4 Celebrate Our Freedom.  Let’s celebrate our freedom with fun, family activities. See the fireworks in the neighboring towns.
Decorate your campsite contest, parade of bikes, lawnmowers, pets and stuffed animals.Wear your best Independence Day costume and Prize.  Nightly activities.

July 8 Ice Cream Social

July 15 Saturday Night at the Go-kart Tumbleweed Speedway

July 21, 22 and 23 Christmas in July Ho Ho Ho and Howdy Pardner and Merry Christmas!  Site decorating contest, cookie decorating, lollipop
Flashlight hunt and of course SANTA

July 29 Ice Cream Social

August 5, Saturday Night at the Go-Kart Tumbleweed Speedway

August 12 Ice Cream Social

August 19 Halloween

August 26 Ice Cream Social

September 2 Saturday Night at the Go-Kart Tumbleweed Speedway